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  1. Groshakar
    Kazrasar 04.09.2019
    Nov 21,  · UMLUNGUS are from Europe or Pondoland – and that is official. Last week, the meaning of the Xhosa word used for decades by black people to .
  2. Dugrel
    Shakalrajas 07.09.2019
    A Zulu word used in South Africa meaning 'white person'. Originally it comes from the white foam that collects along the shore of the beach.
  3. Samugore
    Mahn 04.09.2019
    Umlungu definition: a white man: used esp as a term of address | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  4. Zushura
    Moogujin 10.09.2019
    Jun 04,  · (Kyle) Yes, the word UmLungu / umlungu is a word that all Xhosa people grow up with and use, but I don't know where it comes from originally. (Zoliswa) Well actually, being half Zulu myself, I'm pretty sure the word originates from the Zulu word ‘ubulungu’, referring to the foam on the sea, and I think because the foam is white, the word.
  5. Shakaramar
    Kigataur 04.09.2019
    Follow umlunguu on eBay. Buying, Selling, Collecting on eBay has never been more exciting!
  6. Mabei
    Mazukus 10.09.2019
    Umlungu* I poem by KYOMUHENDO ATEENYI. It was about the time The lovely sun Archeress chooses to strip nude May be to seduce may be to change dress as she girds for battle. Page.
  7. Moogular
    Zulkim 04.09.2019
    Aug 18,  · Call me “umlungu” and I will tell you “AndinguMlungu, igama lam nguNathi.” (Which means “I am not umlungu, My name is UNathi.”) UNathi is my Xhosa name meaning “God with us” given to me by my Xhosa class in high school. I love that name – .
  8. Kalabar
    Dugal 05.09.2019
    Peter Godwin's book is not as trite as my title. It is a book of sensual childhood memories of wood smoke, African languages, complex relationships, colonial arrogance, and the conflicted feelings of being a white African just before the colony became independent and fought its way to majority rule.

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